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Production Facility - Powder line

The Professional Wholesale Program is for practicing health professionals including MD's, DO's, DC's, ND's, LPN's and other licensed health professionals.

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The Wholesale Distributor Program is for retail stores. This would include Healthfood Stores, Health Spas, Health Studios, and Gyms.

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Our Contract Manufacturing services are perfect for those that have their own formulas and are looking for turn-key manufacturing.

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                World Class Manufacturing and Customer Service

Production Facility - Powder line

Unlike the vast majority of supplement companies today that are just the middle-man, we are the manufacturer from start to finish. 

Our product development and production teams have the expertise and experience needed to source the best ingredients and produce the highest quality products that support the optimal health and wellness we should all enjoy naturally. Mother Earth Labs' production facility is led by a Ph.D. in Health Sciences, and all Laboratory Managers and Technicians are long-term, highly-skilled, and experienced team members.

We not only provide products directly to the consumer, but we also work with thousands of health professionals around the globe and provide white-label options to help build their brand and contract manufacturing to help those bring to market their own (unique) formulas. 

We are committed to helping you achieve better health naturally

Small Batch Production that guarantees fresh & pure products.

When they choose Mother Earth Labs, our customers know they can count on receiving fresh, high-quality supplements made from the finest all-natural and organic ingredients Earth has to offer. We take this a step further by manufacturing with shelf life in mind. You can count on receiving products that are shipped almost as fast as they are made, delivering fresh, high-potency formulas.

All Natural Ingredients

Our customers particularly love that we seek out like-mind suppliers and growers who share our values of sustainability and traceability and take pride in producing pure, high-quality products.
- Organic & Non-GMO
- No Gluten or Soy
- Vegetarian-Friendly
- Vegan-Friendly
- No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners or Colors

Industry-Leading Facility

Mother Earth Labs’ nutritional health products are manufactured in a facility that is at the forefront of technology. Our production and packaging facility uses climate-controlled clean rooms for manufacturing, blending, and packaging.

Strict Manufacturing Standards

Our facility and manufacturing processes comply with the FDA’s cGMP standards. The FDA developed these practices to ensure all products are produced to meet specific requirements for identity, strength, quality, and purity.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations so you can stop wasting time and money on supplements that don’t work and can finally see the improved health you deserve!

Fulfilment Team and CareyLyn having a good time
“I have tried many products from Mother Earth Labs, and I have to say, this company really does care for their customers and wants the healthiest, happiest lives for them. I have had some of the best customer service, as well as great products.”
- Lindsay S.
“I love the products and service they provide! I don’t know of anything better for me with all the nutritional supplements I have tried. Core + pH Balancer is what we take and it’s super high-quality. 5 Stars all the way…”
- Greg D.

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