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Broad-spectrum supplements to lay a rock-solid foundation for wellness

Daily Multi Collection

Powerful, all-natural support for year-round immune defense.

Immune Support Collection

Best Sellers

pH Balancer

Robust all-in-one multivitamin & multimineral with adaptogenic stress support.

From: $60.90 / month

Available in liquid & capsule form

Comprehensive Core

Robust all-in-one multivitamin & multimineral for whole body health, made from the highest quality, organic whole foods.

From: $65.15 every 6 months

Available in liquid & capsule form

GI UltraMAX Pro

Extensive professional-strength support targeting multiple areas of GI health.

From: $72.15 every 6 months

Available in powder form

Fulvic 400X

Superior ionic mineral supplement with electrolytes and cellular detoxification support.

From: $46.15 every 6 months

Available in dropper form

Lugol's Iodine Liquid or Capsules

Elemental iodine and potassium iodine with fulvic for better absorption.

From: $26.56 / month

Available in dropper & capsule form

Super-Potency Bioactive B-Complex

Complete, non-synthetic B-vitamin formula for natural energy you can feel.

From: $41.88 / month

Available in capsule form

All Natural Ingredients

Organic health supplements from the purest sources on the planet.


Organic, Non-GMO


Gluten & Soy Free


Vegetarian Friendly


Vegan Friendly

Stop Wasting Time & Money On Supplements That Don't Work

Mother Earth Labs health supplements are formulated by a biochemist to harness the power of nature and give your body what it needs to perform its best.



Our customers love what Mother Earth labs does for their health & wellness

“We love Mother Earth Labs organic & non GMO products. My son & I notice improved health from the concentrated Humic & Fulvic plant based minerals to help nourish, detox & restore.”

Juliana W.


“Wonderful health-giving products, wonderful customer service, best healthy products available today. Thank you to Mother Earth Labs.”

Juno D.


“Love the products and service they provide, I don’t know of anything better for me with all the nutritional supplements I have tried. Core + pH Balancer is what we take and it’s super high quality.”

Greg D.


Decades of Results. Ingredients You Deserve.

  • Over 30 years of experience in research, pharmaceutical, and nutritional health industries.
  • Our Director of Professional Services has over 25 years of clinical and industry expertise.
  • We’ve helped tens of thousands of customers improve their health.

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