Discover Your True “Body Age”

People age at different speeds – your “body age” could be younger or older than your actual chronological age.

Chronological age is measured in birthdays, but “body age” is a combination of many different factors including lifestyle, diet, activity level, and more.

Take the 2-minute body age calculator and discover your “body age.” Plus, get your unique wellness profile to help turn back the clock.

Live Active

Welcome, health-conscious active adults, to a world of boundless energy and peak performance! If you're seeking improved health and wellness, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey with the Live Active Product line by Mother Earth Labs.

The Live Active Product line by Mother Earth Labs is designed exclusively for health-conscious active adults who refuse to settle for mediocrity. If you're committed to improving your health, optimizing your performance, and seeking a natural and sustainable approach to energy enhancement, then Live Active is your ideal companion on this exhilarating journey.

Harnessing the power of nature backed by science, Live Active Products are your ultimate companion in achieving your fitness goals and unleashing your inner athlete. Live Active Products can elevate your energy levels, enhance your performance, and inspire you to reach new heights to be the absolute best you!

2051 Core Daily

Live Active Core Daily

Don’t Let Declining Health Get In The Way Of Living Your Best Life

You ask a lot of your body. An active lifestyle puts maximum stress on your joints, cells, immune system, and more.

Mother Earth Labs’ Live Active Core Daily provides core nutritional support needed to perform at your best.

Feel the difference 100% Natural, Organic, Science-Backed Ingredients can make in your life!

Live Active CardioExcel

Support Heart Health & The Entire Circulatory System

CardioExcel promotes proper heart function† regardless of your age or activity level. It’s the best thing you can do to take care of your heart, short of being more physically active.

Most heart health supplements, which mainly rely on beetroot powder, only to support one aspect of blood flow.

But CardioExcel’s complete formula provides complete heart health, nitric oxide for blood flow, and circulatory system support.

Feel the difference 100% Natural, Organic, Science-Backed Ingredients can make for your heart health with Live Active CardioExcel!

2051 Cardio Excel
2051 cogni active

Live Active CogniActive

Lower Cognitive Stress & Support Brain Health

Age-related memory loss is quickly becoming the fastest-growing health threat to our country.

55 Million people worldwide are currently suffering from some form of memory, brain fog, or cognitive issue.

The brain controls so much of daily function that it is perhaps the most valuable organ in the body. This is why CogniActive was formulated to support brain health, cognition, focus, stress management, and more.

Feel the difference 100% Natural, Organic, Science-Backed Ingredients can make with CogniActive!

Live Active Ageless ME

Support Youthful Skin, Luxurious Thicker Hair & Stronger Nails, From The Inside Out

Over time, the body’s natural supply of collagen decreases. Collagen is responsible for elasticity and firmness in the skin, longer, thicker hair, and healthy nails.

Ageless Me helps to visibly improve skin elasticity and firmness, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines while providing age-defying protection for your skin, hair, and nails for a more youthful appearance.

With Ageless Me you can help stimulate and counteract the loss of moisture and elasticity from the inside. See the difference with 100% Natural, Organic, Science-Backed Ingredients that can make for a youthful appearance that not only you, but others will notice.


2051 copy

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