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Detoxification is a buzzword in the natural health world, but supplemental detoxes are often misunderstood, not only in the media but by general practitioners as well.


Our bodies have amazing natural detoxification abilities, and when functioning at optimal health, can effectively remove everything from normal biological waste byproducts to environmental toxins such as glyphosate and heavy metals. Unfortunately, our exposure to these toxins — in combination with various other health challenges  — can cause our detoxification pathways to become compromised and bogged down. Additionally, toxins that have been stored away in fat (our body’s attempt to protect vital organs) become buried and can remain in the body for years, or even decades.


A Powerful and unique solution


Fulvic acid is well known for its ability to enhance cellular detoxification through balancing cellular energetics, but naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients can slow down this process and interfere with the fulvic molecule’s ability to target toxins.


When you take Fulvic Detox from Mother Earth Labs, you’re getting more than a standard fulvic acid supplement. We’ve put our Fulvic Detox through an additional processing step that removes over 90% of the associated nutrients, freeing up more binding site so that the molecules can begin capturing toxins from the moment it is ingested. When used with a clean, balanced diet, the Fulvic Detox supports the body’s removal of toxins in the mouth, GI tract, blood, organs, and deep tissues.


Internal use


When taking this supplement internally, it is very important to drink plenty of pure water. Water helps keep blood and lymph fluid moving for an easier detoxification process with less stress on our liver, kidneys, and lymph nodes as they process and carry these toxins out of the body. We suggest limiting Fulvic Detox use to 1 month at a time up to 4 times per year, unless otherwise instructed by a healthcare practitioner. For most people, 1 ounce each day is enough, but up to 3 ounces may be taken under doctor supervision.


When beginning a Fulvic Detox, always start with ½ an ounce each day for the first week to determine your tolerance. If no common detox side effects occur during this week, the dose may be increased to a full ounce. This process should continue until the full desired dose is reached. For optimal results, this product should be taken 1 hour before or 3 hours after a meal, medications, or other supplements (preferably first thing in the morning) with only pure water. No other food, supplements, medications, or beverages should be taken within this time frame, as the fulvic molecules will bind with anything that is in the stomach (concentrating on nutrients rather than toxins) and the product will be less effective. It is also strongly suggested to take one of our daily nutrition products to ensure an adequate intake of the essential nutrients that also help support the detox process.


External Use


When used topically, our Fulvic Detox also promotes the healing of many skin issues. For example, it promotes the healing of minor cuts and burns and helps reduce candida and eczema rashes. Whether you put Fulvic Detox in an atomizer or use organic cotton balls, application is a breeze. Just apply to clean, dry skin and avoid mixing with medicated creams, synthetic chemicals, and alcohols. Medicated creams can be used once Fulvic Detox has air dried, but we always recommend avoiding synthetic chemicals often found in lotions, creams, and other beauty products. For moisturization, organic skin oils such as sweet almond, jojoba, and coconut are fantastic compliments to Fulvic Detox, as they help balance natural oil production.


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