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Fulvic Minerals were a game changer for me when other minerals did nothing


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This is Fantastic
“The fast and easy way to replace lost minerals from my workouts. It is a fantastic product”
William R.


Most frequent questions and answers about the product

How is Fulvic 400X Different?

Fulvic 400X, is super concentrated and guaranteed to contain at least 10% actual fulvic acid in a 100% fulvic acid solution. Compare to less than 3% from other brands.

Why do we need fulvic, why can’t I just eat fruits & vegetables?

Fulvic acid carries minerals from the soil into plants. When we eat plants (Fruits and vegetables), we receive fulvic and minerals.

In a perfect world, our crops would provide all the mineral nutrients we need. Unfortunately, today’s agricultural methods utilize heavy amounts of pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals, whether natural or synthetic, seep into the soil and kill off the fulvic-making beneficial bacteria.

Worse, the lack of adequate crop rotation depletes mineral concentrations within the soil.

These two factors combined lead to nutrient-deficient foods.

This is further supported by USDA agricultural studies that have noted a significant decline in vitamin and mineral concentrations in our crops over the last 100 years.

How long will a bottle last me?

Fulvic 400X will last for 120 doses if taken as directed.

Is this certified organic?

Fulvic and its naturally-occurring minerals, vitamins, and other elements are organic in nature and our raw materials are never exposed to harsh synthetic chemicals.

Unfortunately, the product cannot be certified organic by the USDA because minerals do not qualify as an organic output – meaning they can’t be grown by a farmer. Apples, spinach, and potatoes are all examples of organic output. Fulvic, however, can be certified as an Organic Input by the USDA and is often used by Organic farmers. Our fulvic is certified as an agricultural-grade organic input.

Why is there no expiration date? How long is it good for?

Fulvic is unique in that it does not technically expire and will last for many years if stored properly – that is, in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet or pantry; Fulvic should never be boiled or frozen as this will damage the molecular structure. Due to the possibility of uncontrollable contaminates after opening (dust, hair/fur, etc), our Fulvic 400X has a Best By recommendation of 2 years from the MFD.

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