Organic Veggie Protein Powder

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22 grams of protein per serving with a Smooth and Clean taste. The only Veggie protein that is both USA grown and manufactured. Includes specialized enzymes for optimal and comfortable digestion. Available in Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge
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Advanced Amino Acid Delivery

Fuel your muscles, help regulate your immune system and synthesize hormones and neurotransmitters. Treat yourself to a delicious shake or smoothie and amplify your performance, recovery, and mood!
  • 100% organic plant protein
  • 22 grams of complete protein (includes Amino Acids)
  • Only 3 grams of sugar
  • Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Vegan-Friendly
  • Enzymes to help ease digestion
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Our Organic Veggie Protein is made of the highest-quality organic plant proteins available to provide an optimized amino acid profile. PLUS it’s enhanced with a unique hydrolyzing enzyme blend that has shown to break down protein into amino acids within 10 minutes for lightening fast amino acid delivery. It comes in two delicious flavors, with a texture so smooth you won’t be able to stop yourself from saying “No Whey!”

Benefits of Organic Veggie Protein

Protein is a key macronutrient essential for health and wellness because it provides the important amino acids our bodies need to repair damaged cells and tissues (muscles) and to produce a wide range of hormones, but sometimes our digestive systems simply don’t work as well as we need them to. Whether due to reduced enzyme production, low stomach acid, or an impaired/damaged GI tract, we can suffer uncomfortable digestive symptoms like bloating, constipation, and acid reflux after high-protein meals.

Organic Veggie Protein comes with a highly-effective, third-party tested enzyme blend called Prohydrolase® that breaks your protein down into amino acids within 10 minutes.

The Science: Third-Party Study

In fact, we’ve recently conducted a third-party study on both our grass-fed whey and organic veggie powders to show how well the proteins are hydrolyzed (broken down into individual amino acids). The study compared one ounce of protein with Prohydrolase® and one ounce without the enzymes as a control. In less than 10 minutes (the first measure point), almost 100% of the protein in the Prohydrolase® sample was hydrolyzed, while the control sample showed that even after 90 minutes (the last measure point), only a small amount of protein had been hydrolyzed.

How do I store this and how long is it good for?
This product, unopened, will be good for 1 year following the manufacture date (MFD) stamped on the bottom of the bottle while stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, please use within 6 months.
Can children take Organic Veggie Protein?
Our Organic Veggie Protein is safe for children. Please check with your pediatrician for protein intake recommendations.
Are there any allergens such as lactose or gluten?
Our Organic Veggie Protein is free of GMOs, casein, lactose, gluten, soy, soy-derivatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, corn, yeast, and corn.
How much does shipping cost? Do you ship internationally?
Retail shipping within the United States is a flat rate of $8.95 and Canada is a flat rate of $29.95 USD. If there is a less expensive option, you will be notified at checkout. We do ship internationally, however, our website is unable to process international orders at this time. Please send an email with your full order request and complete delivery address to
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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7.5 in

34 reviews for Organic Veggie Protein Powder

  1. Dr Phillip Redd (verified owner)

  2. Bonnie C. (verified owner)

    Lots of improvement with hair and nails. Tasty and blends well with fruit, etc. I’ve used quite a few protein powders prior to this one and this one is the best for me. I can honestly recommend it.

  3. Pam Mitchell (verified owner)

    Taste good and value as well.

  4. Teresa R. (verified owner)

    Delicious! The best tasting veg protein we’ve had. We are repeat customers. It’s not just for smoothies, my daughter also makes protein pancakes with the veggie protein powder (either flavor) & they are so good.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Paige (verified owner)

  7. Judy B. (verified owner)

  8. Judy Nalepa (verified owner)

  9. Riley R. (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Christopher Wiechert (verified owner)

    Excellent. Mixes easy in water and tastes great.

  12. Alana Grier (verified owner)

  13. Elise Arnold (verified owner)

  14. Teresa B (verified owner)

    Great taste

  15. Kayren B. (verified owner)

  16. Cheryl B. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many protein powders and this one is by far superior in taste and quality of ingredients!

  17. Paige Rainear (verified owner)

  18. Gary P. (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality; tastes great, mixes well, no digestive issues at all like other brands. Love it!!

  19. Lisa (verified owner)

  20. Joanne M. (verified owner)

    The ingredience are great but the taste is too sweet for me.

  21. Darla K. (verified owner)

    Oh MY this is the best Protein Fusion we have tried. I soooo enjoy the extra digestive help. We love the vanilla. So tasty and so helpful in our healing journey!!

  22. Kim Bava (verified owner)

  23. Ron (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  24. NAVID R. (verified owner)

    It’s a great product!

  25. Sue Barrilleaux (verified owner)

  26. Donna May (verified owner)

  27. Francis C. (verified owner)

    “I just love the Veggie Fusion Protein powder. It tastes great and blends so easily. I really feel like it’s had a positive effect on my overall health since I started taking it.”

  28. Sandra V.

    When my doctor told me I need to increase my protein for muscle and bone health, I started taking Mother Earth Lab’s Veggie Protein. I was completely in awe of how wonderful it tasted. I actually crave it! Not only that, but the boost of energy I received and lift in my mood was completely unexpected. Because of that I try to never miss taking it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits on my muscle and bone health.

  29. Jacob

    I enjoy taking the chocolate and veggie protein powder. They don’t make me bloated after I drink it.

  30. Guy F.

    Mother Earth Labs is how I start my mornings. PH Balancer, Veggie Fusion, and GI Ultra Max with ION Magnesium. I have never felt better for being 57 years old. I give them a five star rating and want to thank you all. You’ve changed my life.

  31. Autumn S.

    I love the Veggie Fusion Chocolate Replenish. I add it to unflavored almond milk making a creamy, smooth treat. It is almost like dessert rather than a supplement.

  32. Teresa F.

    I use Lugols Iodine and it has helped me tremendously, I don’t get sinus infections anymore. I use OrganiEarth and I feel alert and it gives me energy. I also use Veggie Chocolate Protein and it has helped me with weight loss. No more bloating and it tastes amazing! The 400X rejuvenates me after my workout.

  33. Brittney Benèa (verified owner)

    Replenish Veggie Vanilla is the best tasting and beneficial protein powder I’ve found on the market.

  34. Carey

    Replenish Veggie Protein is helping me lose weight steadily without feeling hungry! I highly recommend it!

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