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Why should you incorporate humic and fulvic acid supplements into your nutritional routine? Simply put, these products make it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the need to drastically change your diet. Find out more about how Mother Earth Labs’ supplements can benefit you and shop our selection of products today!

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Humic & Fulvic

The benefits of incorporating humic and fulvic acid supplements into your diet are numerous.

  • Humic helps the health of your gut microbiome, acting as a probiotic fiber
  • These supplements can help strengthen your intestinal lining
  • Fulvic helps release trapped natural byproducts to help you detoxify your body
  • Your body can better absorb nutrients
  • The ionic minerals from humic and fulvic acid fills gaps in your diet
  • And more!

Find out for yourself how supplements from Mother Earth Labs can help you now!

Humic and Fulvic - Humic & Fulvic
Humic and Fulvic - Fulvic 400X

Fulvic 400X

Fulvic on its own can be a great addition to your nutritional regimen. Some of the benefits of Fulvic 400X are:

  • It is highly-concentrated (>10% fulvic solution)
  • Fulvic 400X helps remove humic molecules, allowing for a higher concentration of fulvic and ionic minerals
  • Helps you to maintain electrolytes during hot days or while performing physically-demanding activities
  • Supports nutrient absorption
  • Provides trace minerals that are absent in most diets

Try Fulvic 400X and see what benefits it can bring to you!

Fulvic Detox

Fulvic Detox is a variant of our supplement that provides its own unique health benefits when taken regularly.

  • De-mineralized, freeing up more fulvic molecules’ binding sites
  • More available sites allow for increased toxin and heavy metal binding
  • You can and should take it on an empty stomach, making it easy to incorporate into your morning routine
  • When used externally, it can help remove toxins and impurities from skin and help promote natural healing for cuts, rashes, and other wounds
  • It can soothe hot spots that might be a problem for your dogs or cats

Fulvic Detox might be just what you need in order to start living your best and healthiest life. Try it for yourself when you shop with Mother Earth Labs.

Humic and Fulvic - Fulvic Detox

Breaking Down Our Supplements

Mother Earth Labs understands that the variety of supplements that we provide for our customers can be a lot to digest. That is why we have a handy chart that breaks down Humic & Fulvic, Fulvic 400X, and Fulvic Detox in an easy-to-understand way. Find out which supplement will work best for you below.

Humic & Fulvic

GI Support: Yes

Detox: GI & Cellular

Nutrient Absorption: Yes

Ionic Mineral Supplementation: Yes

Electrolyte System: Some

Concentration: Varies

Internal Use: Yes

External Use: No

Can Be Taken with Food: Yes (30 minutes before or after)

Fulvic 400X
Fulvic Detox

Get the most out of your supplements when you choose humic and fulvic plant-based minerals from Mother Earth Labs. Reach out to our team today for more information and to get started on the path to a healthier life!

  • Humic & Fulvic

    (1 month supply) Full-spectrum Macro and Trace Minerals, assists cellular nutrient absorption, GI health, antioxidant, detox including glyphosate and more.
    Liquid quarts and gallons

    From: $42.10 every 6 months Select options
  • Humic & Fulvic SC

    Economical formula (Liquid 4 months, Capsule 3 months supply) Full-spectrum Macro and Trace Minerals, assists cellular nutrient absorption, GI health, antioxidant, detox including glyphosate, immune support and more.
    Super Concentrated Liquid dropper and Capsules

    From: $44.10 every 6 months Select options
  • Lugol’s Iodine Capsules & Liquid

    Critical for metabolic and thyroid health, fetal and childhood cognitive development, energy production and hormone health. The majority of us are Iodine deficient – according to government NHANES National Health and Nutrition Surveys – and iodized salt isn’t the answer.
    Capsules and Liquid Dropper Bottle

    From: $18.15 / month Select options
  • Fulvic Detox

    Fulvic with open binding sites available to complex with toxins including metals. Can be used internally for GI support or topically to help soothe skin irritations and wound healing.

    From: $42.10 every 6 months Select options
  • Fulvic 400X

    Superior ionic mineral supplement, super concentrated with electrolytes, providing cellular energy and detoxification support too. You can feel the difference! Great for nighttime leg cramp relief too.
    Liquid dropper bottle

    From: $46.15 every 6 months Select options
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