Uh oh… your “Body Age” appears to be older than your actual age.

Good news, your “Body Age” is close to your chronological age.

Congratulations! Your “Body Age” is younger than what’s on your birth certificate.

It can be tough to admit when father time is catching up to us. But right now, it appears that you’re aging faster than your birth certificate.

But you could be doing better!

Take a bow. You’re taking care of yourself.

But as we age, our body’s cells naturally start to lose function. Biological aging is the gradual loss of function at a cellular level.Biological aging is the gradual loss of function at a cellular level. As your cells begin to lose function, it affects your tissues, organs, and every system of your body.

As a result, the signs of aging begin to appear rapidly. Wrinkles, brain fog, and lower energy levels are just a few of the many symptoms.

Biological aging can be caused by nearly every choice you make. Together with your nutrition, activity levels, medications you may be taking, injuries, environmental pollution, sleep quality, and the stress you’re enduring.

And while you may be keeping an eye on your nutrition, activity levels, sleep quality, and your stress levels, there are other factors such as environmental pollution, injuries, and even prescription medications that can be unavoidable.

Your Body Age:


Urgent: Take action to preserve your Body Age

Urgent: Take action to prevent accelarated aging

Urgent: Take action to slow accelarated aging

When this process happens faster than it should, that’s called accelerated aging, and it increases the risk factor for many chronic diseases.

It’s important to remember that biological aging can be caused not only by the choices you make… but also by factors that are completely out of your control.

Your Body Age:


Urgent: Take action to preserve your Body Age

Urgent: Take action to prevent accelarated aging

Urgent: Take action to slow accelarated aging

But don’t worry.

By targeting the underlying mechanisms of aging, it’s possible to slow down the hands of time.

You don’t have to give up your car keys, your hobbies, or your independence.Don’t let anything stop you from discovering new hobbies, new experiences, and living a meaningful life — at any age.

There are ways to turn back the clock by supporting your body with the right nutrition and supplements.

So you can live the good life you've worked so hard for. And continue to enjoy golf, pickleball, shopping, dancing, dining with friends, and more on your terms — in optimum health.

And your personalized wellness profile can help.

{Name’s} Wellness Profile

Based on your Body Age Assessment results, we’ve created a personalized wellness plan that can help you stay active on your terms.

Imagine the sense of freedom and happiness that youthfulness gives, so you’re free to live the way you want…

Gain a renewed sense of well-being and joy for living.

Play another round… while everyone else is still catching their breath.

Reignite your passion as your friends watch you spinning on the dance floor.

Radiate a youthful glow that will have people thinking you’re ten or twenty years younger than you really are.

Enjoy better health, energy, and more vitality than you’ve ever had in your life.

Your personal wellness profile below is your plan for regaining and maintaining youthfulness at any age.

Healthy Cells Are Your First Line of Defense against Accelerated Aging

As you may know, when your body loses function at the cellular level, it becomes more stressed and begins to age faster.

It’s like gunking up all of the underlying mechanisms that support your entire body, causing them to slow down to a trickle.

Accelerated aging only adds to those problems, leaving you with lower energy, a loss of vitality, and making you feel and look older than you really are.

In fact, feelings of general fatigue and lack of motivation could all be traced back to a decline in cell function, because the loss of cell function affects energy, metabolism, digestion, tissues, organs, and much more.

Proper Nutrition Is the Most Important Key to Healthy Cells

In order to support youthful levels of health, your cells need specific nutrients, in the correct forms and amounts that support optimal cellular function.

Literally hundreds of chemical processes in your body depend on the right nutrient support… without it, things start to fall apart.

50 years ago, you could count on food at the grocery store to provide all the nutrients that your cells need… but these days, things have changed.

You see, in much the same way that food feeds us, the soil feeds our food. When broccoli grows, it absorbs minerals, nutrients, and vitamins from the soil through its roots.

When you eat broccoli you get those same minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. It works the same way with meat or eggs. You get the nutrients from the crops that the animal ate.

But Your Diet Alone Can’t Provide All the Nutrition Your Cells Need

Sadly, today’s soil has been stripped of the essential nutrients it once contained.

Modern commercial farming practices have pushed the soil past its limits. Farmers once relied on composted plants to replenish the soil with a full spectrum of nutrients.

Now, the rush to grow as much food as possible has led farmers to use synthetic fertilizers, which only contain the nutrients to grow crops quickly.

The nutrition you need to support healthy cells has been stripped from the soil, so there’s no way to get it from today’s food.

So regardless of how healthy you eat, your diet can’t provide all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.

You Need Biologically Activated, Cell-Ready Vitamins

Biologically-activated, cell-ready vitamins allow your body to perform optimally, like an engine running on all cylinders.

Your body can then use all of those nutrients for healthy cell fuel and function, to help protect against cellular aging while supporting youthful levels of energy and vitality.

In fact, activated vitamins are the only form that can support overall health. Without the activated form of these vitamins, the beneficial chemical reactions just can’t happen, leaving you without the results you’re expecting.

The complex interaction of activated vitamins in your body affects nearly every aspect of your of health, including your cells, eyesight, energy levels, digestion, nerves, organ health, and more.

When you start giving your body what it’s been missing, you can feel like you’re turning back the clock.

That’s Why We’ve Formulated…

Live Active Core Daily

That’s Why We’ve Formulated…

Live Active Core Daily

Live Active Core Daily is the foundation of your complete wellness plan below.

It contains activated vitamins, so they can go to work right away to support the underlying mechanisms of aging at the cellular level.

We’ve specifically formulated Living Active Core Daily to include:

All Essential Amino Acids

Lean Muscle Tissue

Fatty acids and phospholipids

Nerve & Brain Health

Vitamins, minerals & essential cofactors

Metabolism Support

Organic Vitamin A Complex

Vision & Heart Health

High-Potency Vitamin B Complex

Energy & Focus

Alkalizing greens & essential herbs

Detoxification Support

Real Whole-food Vitamin C

Immune System


Powerful Antioxidants

Reach your full potential with optimal energy, stamina, and vitality with your complete personalized wellness plan.

Stay Active on Your Terms with Your Personalized Wellness Plan

Living Active Core Daily

Help your body adapt and recover at the cellular level

Boost energy, stamina & immune function

Aids in digestive & detox support

Supports healthy muscle tissue

Promotes eye health

$46.00 $36.00

Living Active Core Daily is the foundation formula to keep you feeling young and running circles around those half your age.


Helps improve memory

Aids in focus and alertness


Age-related memory loss is quickly becoming the fastest-growing health threat to our country.

With 55 million currently suffering and estimates of it doubling in the coming years.1 This is why it’s important to support brain health, cognition, focus, and stress management with CogniActive.


Supports heart & circulatory system

Detoxifying antioxidants


As the body ages it becomes more susceptible to arterial plaque and hardening of the arteries. This is why it’s important to keep your blood flowing with the help of CardioExcel.

CardioExcel is formulated to support not just your heart, but the whole cardiovascular & circulatory support system. Combined with detoxifying antioxidants that some studies2 have shown to prevent or delay some types of cell damage.

Ageless ME

Helps reduce wrinkles

Supports skin elasticity


Some of the first signs of aging are droopy skin, smile lines, and wrinkles. These changes can be due to decreased body moisture, and collagen loss.

Revitalize your skin, hair, and nails from the inside with Ageless ME

Your Personalized Wellness Plan

Get the complete support your body needs to target ALL of the underlying mechanisms of aging and help slow down the hands of time.

100% Natural, NON-GMO, Organic ingredients

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100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Personalized Wellness Plan Is So Effective…

We Guarantee It Will Work or You Get Your Money Back

Once you start taking the supplements in your personalized wellness plan, the bio-available ingredients will go to work immediately, so you’ll feel the difference faster than you might think. And after continued use, your body will get what it’s needed for a long time.

However, in the unlikely event you don’t feel a positive difference, we refuse to keep even a penny of your money.

Just contact us within 60 days of your order and let us know how we could do better, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase cost, including shipping.

You don’t even need to return the empty bottles.

That’s how confident we are that the supplements in your personalized wellness plan are going to be for you.

So try them 100% risk-free today, with the confidence that you’re supporting your body with the highest quality ingredients for energy, endurance, stamina, and more.

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